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Vacuum Ovens

Essential equipment for labs and clinics

Vacuum and atmosphere-controlled ovens refer to systems that, due to the sensitivity of the tested material to the atmosphere (air) or the need to evaporate the sample solvent or to dry the material, their chambers are designed and produced completely sealed and leak-free. The air inside the chamber is sucked by the vacuum pump and then the system is prepared for drying operations, etc.

The main advantage of using a laboratory vacuum oven is its ability to dry and heat materials without exposing them to atmospheric gases. By reducing the pressure within the chamber, the boiling point of liquids is lowered, allowing for faster evaporation and drying. This is particularly beneficial when working with heat-sensitive materials that may degrade or react with oxygen or other atmospheric components at elevated temperatures.

These ovens are used in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, sterilization, polymerization, etc. Also, these ovens are used as chemical reaction reactors in chemical industries and consumable products of petrochemical units, and they are also used as dryers and preservers of combustible and explosive materials and food and edibles. In fact, all thermal treatments that require a vacuum that can be performed up to a temperature of 500 °C, whether on metals or polymers, ceramics, food, etc., can be implemented in these systems.

Due to the laboratory demand for ovens with the ability to control the atmosphere and create a vacuum (0.5 to 0.001 millibar) in the temperature range (200 to 500 °C), YARAN started designing and manufacturing this type of ovens for laboratory and clinical use. The main difference between the ovens of this company and the products of other companies is their “high vacuum and high temperature”. In fact, the vacuum ovens of this company can be known as low-temperature vacuum furnaces, because apart from the very high temperature, having all the characteristics of a vacuum furnace is one of the distinguishing features of these products. YARAN’s vacuum ovens provide temperatures up to 500 degrees, which is higher than the temperature ranges of normal ovens, and fully support the advanced processes that take place in this temperature range.

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