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Special Designed Systems

A furnace to suit your needs

Although YARAN has a wide range of products, it is possible that a standard furnace or oven does not meet the specific needs of a customer. In this situation, it is advantageous to work directly with the manufacturer (YARAN) to build systems corresponding to the specific needs of customers.

YARAN specialists are capable of designing and manufacturing custom and specially designed systems and furnaces. Sometimes customers just need a small alter to a standard design for example larger volume, higher temperatures, specific atmosphere, etc. and sometimes a completely new design is required. YARAN possesses the expertise and knowledge to modify its standard designs or create custom solutions to ensure compliance with the required standards.

The experts of YARAN will be in close contact with customers in all stages of the design and manufacturing of customized systems so that the final product is made in full accordance with the customers’ wishes.

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