in every step of the manufacturing process
of advanced kilns and furnaces for different applications
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Industrial and Laboratory Kilns and Furnaces

A combination of innovative design and meticulous manufacturing

YARAN is a trustworthy brand for the manufacturing of industrial and laboratory kilns and furnaces. Manufacturing of various kilns and furnaces with great quality and accuracy which are trusted by our customers is our goal. Precision in manufacturing, never-ending research, and development, and reliable customer support are our core principles that ensure our customers choose us for their needs.

For quality, consistency, and our customers’ trust!


Industrial Products:

Vacuum Furnaces

YARAN is a provider of different industrial vacuum furnaces like resistance heating furnaces, induction heating furnaces and gas-fired retort furnaces

Atmosphere Controlled Furnaces

Industrial atmosphere-controlled furnaces are used in various industries. YARAN products include chemical vapor deposition

Shuttle Kilns

YARAN offers shuttle kilns with different capacities and specifications for various applications in ceramic, glass, powder metallurgy, etc. industries.

Tunnel Kilns

Tunnel kilns are an essential piece of equipment in the industries such as ceramics, bricks, tiles, and refractories. YARAN provides high quality tunnel kilns suitable for these applications.

Rotary Health Kilns

Rotary Hearth Kilns are continuous kilns with compact designs. YARAN offers shuttle kilns with different dimensions and specifications suitable for various applications.

Accessories and Spare Parts

YARAN provides different types of vacuum pumps, heating elements, refractories, graphites, burners, sensors and calibrators, furnace furniture and valves and connections for industrial kilns and furnaces.

Laboratory Products:

Vacuum Furnaces & Ovens

YARAN manufactures different laboratory-scale vacuum furnaces such as resistance heating furnaces, induction heating furnaces, arc melting furnaces and vacuum ovens for research purposes.

Atmosphere Controlled Furnaces

Different kinds of atmosphere-controlled furnaces like PVD/CVD systems, retort type furnaces, and gas preheaters in laboratories. YARAN produces these laboratory furnaces with high quality and accuracy.

General Purpose Furnaces

Tube, box and muffle furnaces are the most commonly used laboratory furnaces and Almost all research centers have at least one of these furnaces. YARAN manufactures different types of laboratory tube, box and muffle furnaces for various purposes.

Special Designed Systems

YARAN is capable of designing and manufacturing of custom and special designed systems and furnaces. Systems can be designed corresponding to the specific needs of customers.

Accessories and Spare Parts

YARAN provides different types of vacuum pumps, heating elements, refractories, gas mixers, tubes, sensors and calibrators, crucibles and valves and connections for laboratory furnaces.

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